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Bodhi & Birch - Botanic Hand & Body Wash

A new launch from a brand I adore Bodhi & Birch,  and they kindly sent me a bottle of the Botanic Dew hand and body wash. 

This was a thought provoking scent, I loved the change in the aroma on my skin depending on the time of day, the weather, my mood. So many times it felt as though I was using several different body washes. The minty freshness zings as hot water dilutes this non-sulphate wash, a rich citrus fragrance freshens the skin leaving a floral warmth lingering on the skin followed by the grassy notes of herbs which I particularly adored from this product. 
I spent time trying to pick out which of the 19 pure essential oils, were drifting around my shower and not only cleansing my body but refreshing and lifting my spirits. After a day in the garden, this early morning garden inspired fragrance really made my day complete. 

This multi-tasking product comes in a 200ml size and is a great option to naturally and effectively cleanse the hands and body. Anti-bacterial herbal extracts, fruit oils & the wonderful blend of essential oils and flower essences help neutralise odours and offer a level of protection without stripping the skin. 

This is 'dew' lot's of love, one of the finest products from Bodhi and Birch. 

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