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MV Organics Pure Jojoba - pure care

MV Organics keep giving and giving, these beautifully packaged items are always welcomed by my skin, Pure Jojoba was 35ml of pure luxury that can be used in every area of skin care routine.

As a contact lens wearer, I often find my eyes become quite dry and need a little extra TLC, especially if I have worn lenses for several days in a row. 
I generally use cleanser to remove my eye makeup but occasionally I need a little more care and attention when taking removing mascara, liner and shadow and this is where the delicate and conditioning Pure Jojoba comes in. 

This rich oil removes my eye makeup and at the same time conditions the skin and keeps it hydrated. I often carry this in my bag when travelling because it's great to pat around the eye area and onto my lashes at night. Air conditioning is another thing that really dries out my eyes, so this Jojoba is eye rescue in a bottle. 

As with all oils and my love for them never wanes, this can also be used anywhere on the body. I find this a lovely option for my winter skin, under moisturiser or used before applying a hydrating masque. It works well on eczema patches and absorbs leave skin soft and protected with being clogged. 
I have used it on sunburn, to soothe (not me, I won't name names, but there was a lot tutting and the brandishing of various bottles of SPF).

It may be small but a little Jojoba creates magic and goes a long way. 

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