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Charlotte Tilbury - Lipstick with a cherry on top!

At times, all it takes is the right lipstick and all is well, simple as that. A certain colour can make me smile, feel the right choice and see me through the day. Some days the barrel is moved aside in favour of others but this matte offering from Charlotte Tilbury is the cherry on top of the cake, I give you Lost Cherry. 

I have a profound love hate relationship with this brand, it's classic, elegant, ageless and some of the products gleam like jewels but the packaging really lets it down, it could be so much better, but then I suppose the price tag could be even higher. It screams old fashioned makeup, I want that heavy casing around a lipstick, the floor shuddering click as a powder compact closes, but, it's all plastic and I loathe it. 
However, I am fickle, and if something is just too pretty to behold then my anger dissipates and I am blind to faults in front of me. 
Lost Cherry is stunning, in all it's coral, red, pink glory, it gleams, demands application and the 'plastic case' is ignored because the bullet of divine colour within it, excuses its rose gold prison that I pretend is metal, heavy and properly a lipstick. Money well spent in this case for me. 

This red leaves a matte finish, that struggles with re-application. Luckily it is there for the innings and reapplying isn't really on the cards, this stuff stays. 
It suggests that it's balm like with all good things that create a smooth application but the reality is, it's matte and isn't the best texture when reapplying, if you have the tiniest bit of dry lip happenings then this lipstick picks it up, moves it around the lips and creates a textured finish worthy of a garage outer wall, think pebble dash and you're there. 

Prep those lips well, apply and fall in love with the cherry on the cake. 

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