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Bodhi and Birch Ylang Ylang Incensa

Can there be anything more comforting than a product that makes you feel so warm, relaxed yet invigorated at the same time? 
Bodhi and Birch Ylang Ylang Incensa has everything I look for in the fragrances I buy, it has bulk, strength, it makes it's presence known from the second that rich liquid pools in the palm of your hand and then with water added, this is one hell of shower experience. 

Everything is about the aroma that wraps itself around you, Atlas Cedarwood, ylang-ylang, spiked with neroli which my face and body love, honeysuckle, pink peppercorn, the peppery notes are stunning, they enrich the experience, it's not just a shower gel, this is fragrance as well. 
As with all Bodhi and Birch shower products, they never strip the natural body oils, skin feels clean and refreshed but never tight or rough. 
This Ylang-Ylang Incensa is now my favourite from the range, refreshing yet warming, certainly more an Autumn/Winter option but I am so addicted and it really lifts my mood that I am using it through the warmer weather, it leaves me feeling refreshed and relaxed.
As a bath product this drifts magically throughout the house, peppery notes hover giving such a luxurious feel to the whole bathing experience. 

My mind and body alway feel so much better with a little TLC from B and B. 

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