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Rather Lovely - Cleanser Purity

The Organic Facial Cleanser from Rather Lovely offers everything in one bottle, from the Purity range, it offers so much for the skincare routine. 

This oil based cleanser is perfect for all skin types, this cleanses the skin without affecting its natural balance. Used as a daily or evening cleanse, it can also be used as a treatment and part of an extensive facial when skin really needs cleaning and appears dull and grey. 
If like me you wear makeup most days, plus SPF, then I would definitely use this each evening as a first or second cleanse. 
Not only does this Sea Buckthorn, jojoba and thistle oil cleanser protect and rejuvenate the skin it also has anti-inflammatory properties that assist skin prone to acne, rosacea, eczema etc. 

I find it superb for removing eye makeup also, even my smokiest has been sent packing by this Purity Cleanser, no stinging of the eyes, or film of product that limits vision for several hours. Makeup is dissolved, removed and my skin feels clean. 
The colour of the product is quite dark,  this is the natural state of the Sea Buckthorn pulp, I was a little concerned it may stain my skin but it doesn't at all, you won't resemble a satsuma. 
This is a great option when my skin is hormonal and needs the gentlest of care, it still needs a good cleanse and this does it and gives it a break from using strong, acid based products that do contain alcohol, they work for me but knowing when my skin needs the gentle approach is the key and I use Purity because that's exactly what it is, 100 organic, no artificial colours or preservatives, no added chemicals. 

A must for any cleanser obsessive like myself, perfect for anyone to at least try if you have given up hope of finding a gentle cleanser that actually works, it really does!
The bottle can be bought with or without a pump, I prefer the pump option as it means I use far less and it can be reused for each bottle. 
Rather Lovely have an oil cleanser that works as well as some of the high-end options I have previously used and in many cases better. It's nice to find a product that works with the skin rather than against it to achieve results. 
Rather Lovely Organic Facial Cleanser is pure skincare heaven. 

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