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Sarah Chapman - Cleansing my sins away

Rapid Radiance Cleanse, I'm never in a rush to rapidly remove my makeup, I adore the process but Sarah Chapman is a brand that I rather like and a cleanser is certain to gain my attention and my bank card. 

The rapid cleanser was developed to give glow back to the face and is a dual purpose product, a cleanser that can be applied or washed/clothed away or a quick 2-minute mask option to refine and brighten the face. 

Blended using clays known for their brightening properties and enzymes that will detoxify any dullness to the skin and absorb excess oils this is sounding like my cup of tea. Vitamin C, did I not mention that? how rude of me, that's in there as well working hard with lactic and salicylic acids to unclog, smooth and aid the brightening of the skin. 
Subtlely fragranced with an essential oil blend of neroli (my skin adores this oil in any form), geranium and petitgrain. It smells of luxury and the promise of cared for skin. 

Housed in the sleek, silvery bronze packaging this is a 100ml pump dispenser. The texture of the cleanser is a cream, slightly grey in colour and smooth on application. I have been using this as a morning cleanse option, applying it to my dry face and using a cloth to remove, I found it was perfect, my skin felt so clean, smooth and had a lovely healthy colour, there was no obvious dry or tightness to the face. Great to apply also as a mask and left while I brushed my teeth or had a quick shower, this worked so quickly but results were obvious, my skin was again, brighter in texture perfect base for my skincare to follow. 

It's also good for a second cleanse, it really leaves such a healthy brighter skin, one cleanser that not only cleans the face but has skin care benefits that are obvious and visible. I don't find it's a removing makeup option, it doesn't lift enough of the makeup away for me but it certainly fits later in the routine or for a morning cleanse. 

If the rapid cleansing routine is your thing then take a look, if you like taking your time cleansing then this is also a great option from a brand that produces products that give results. 

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