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Verso - Super Serum to the rescue!

Verso products offer Retinol 8, I start with this fact because it is 8 times more effective than your standard retinol, hence the lingering 8 on the packaging of the brand's products. 
The packaging is distinctly expensive in texture, vellum paper comes to mind as I remove the cellophane and free the box. 
Verso Super Facial Serum in all it's 30ml glory lands from the box in it's sensible, travel-friendly container.

Boosting the skin's natural collagen production this gorgeous smelling cream serum leaves a lovely smooth texture to the skin, it is absorbed quickly and one pump is the perfect amount for the face and the neck. 
I find this very rich on my skin, absorbed without leaving a dry surface, perfect alone or sealed in using a mask to truly give the skin a boost. 
With use I have noticed a change in certain brown patches on my face, they are less obvious. The squint lines between my eyes which are deep set tracks and a part of my years either scowling or squinting. It was a brief glance in a mirror that I noticed they were far from extreme and most definitely not as obvious. Without makeup this is clear, they are there but by no means are they as visible. 

This brand is long term, you invest in a range that will over time take skin to a better level, it respects what you have and just ties a bow around it rather than obliterating the face we've earned. 
Hard working products that I find work well together, the serum I used both am and pm, I adored using the Night cream over the serum, it sealed everything onto my skin and really made a huge difference over several weeks. 
Having tried the facial masks, eye masks and these two beauties, I am in no doubt that Verso offers my skin the ingredients and results I like, smooth, bright, even toned skin that looks its best without taking away the 'me'. 

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