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Verso Night Cream - sleep tight

This calming and repairing night cream from Verso offers the Retinol 8 that we know the brand for. The stabilised vitamin A complex is more effective than standard retinol, hence the 8, it is 8 times more effective. 
Let's see it in action. 

The packaging is very simple and certainly travel-friendly. I love that once the pump is depressed you only need one application and that's my face and neck taken care of. 
It does take the pump a few times to load with the product, don't panic and think you had faulty packaging like I did (panic pants). 

This holds the hand of the Verso Super Serum, it takes the skincare regime to another level and puts the lid on the serum, locking it in and adding to the functionality of both products. 
A beautiful rich cream which fits nicely into my evening routine, I always feel a 'proper' cream is part of the evening routine for me, it's usually a must. 
Verso Night Cream is the wind-down product for my skin, it calms it down, helps it relax and has certainly along with the serum altered certain areas of my skin for the better. I have mentioned the frown/squint lines between my eyes, they are softer in appearance. My pigmentation which showed itself recently and quite obviously whilst I was using a certain popular skincare brand, luckily I moved to another which soothed my skin back and Verso finished the skin care work by lessening the darker areas of my face, especially the patch near my mouth which had become quite prominent. 
I find my skin healthier, brighter and have no irritation at all, just lovely skin. 

Become versed with Verso

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