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My hair story is actually quite simple, the last named style I had was when my age fell into one figure, the Purdy cut was the thing back in the 70's. My mother refused my wish to have long hair until I was old enough to look after it myself, so it was short until my teens. 
I can't blow dry my own hair, I've had pretty much the same look since my teens, I cut it and dye it myself, I have styling tools which create wonderful things, but then at the mere mention of a change in weather drops flat and sticks to my head. I haven't owned a hairdryer since my twenties, really I should be put in the stocks for my lethargic approach to my long locks. 

But I do like nice shampoo, treatments and potions. 
Aveda was my first high-end brand that I used throughout my 20's and here it is, Damage Remedy back almost twenty years later to rescue the damage inflicted by those years in between. 

Damage Remedy from Aveda comes in this hair care set from airports and travel outlets, perfect to pick up before to take away on holiday and care for your hair or to save and use when your hair is so scorched and sea salted beyond belief, think ready salted crisps!
The Damage Remedy set contains four items, 3 full-size bottles and then a travel-friendly 25ml tube. 

Firstly the Restructuring Shampoo, which I have used previously as it repairs and strengthens hair that has been damaged (all the years of dyeing my hair does take it's toll) and chemically treated hair. 

The Restructuring Conditioner again works to heal damaged hair, leaving hair soft and shiny. Although I am not a daily user of heated hair implements, I do go through phases of cooking my hair until it gives me the curl I so dearly feel I need at that moment. Actually, the left side of my hair is very accommodating, the right could be a distant relative for all it cares, the curl is distinctly lacking!

From the basic everyday options, we move to the big guns, there is the 150ml tube of the Intensive Restructuring Treatment. This is a weekly treatment, the facial for the follicles. 
Applied after shampoo and left for 2- 5 minutes this works to intensively give you healthy hair again. 
It forgives your hair misdemeanours and gives you great hair again. 

The baby in the set is the 25ml of the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, which is used on damp clean hair. 
This is a gentler version of the weekly treatment and keeps hair tamed and conditioned until the next weekly hair facial.

All products will be reviewed further in a few weeks, although I am familiar with the shampoo, my hair has changed over the years and it has become so much longer. 
I am looking forward to seeing what hairy wonders can be achieved. 

Hair today, back soon with Aveda Damage Remedy soon. 

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