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Laura Gellar and the tale of Rosy Tarte

Rosy Tarte, ah, you've heard the rumours! 

Laura Gellar's Colour Luster Lip Gloss in rosy tarte, is quite simply beautiful in colour, I adore this product. 

Rosy Tarte is almost perfect, the colour just works, it fits. That moment when you apply a shade and it just looks right, this high-shine lip gloss gave me that. I did say almost and I know you eagle eyes readers will need an explanation of the 'almost'. It is so glorious, I expected it to have a smell of something, preferably the mini eggs scenario that the lip crayons offer, but no, it is smell-less. This is, of course, a good thing for many but for me, oh I like a hint, a whiff of something sweet, especially when the product is so damn pretty. 

A substantial gloss that holds to my lips and actually keeps its true colour for longer than many or my weaker glosses. My lips never feel sticky or dry with this, a perfect option for me when I want a pretty colour but don't feel like the full on red. The dow foot applicator is super flexible, making the application easy and precise, a great product and a stunning colour. 
Watch my video here, where I apply Rosy Tarte and other from the Laura Gellar lip range, there's also a hint of Spackle there too!

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