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TRIA - Age Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser

This tiny Tria gadget just may be the answer to those crows feet, wrinkles, fine lines, life lines - you name it, if you haven't got them now, they are coming and this has been developed to aid better-looking skin. 

The age defying wrinkle correcting laser for eyes is handheld, nicely light weight and very easy to use. 
The laser light works on existing damage to the eye area due to sun damage or general ageing. 
The laser works using thousands of laser lights which penetrate into the skin triggering the natural process of renewing cells and thereby diminishing signs of ageing. 
As with any gadget or product, safety first, so don't use on damaged skin, infected, burnt or cut. This is not for eyelids or eyes and must not be directly shone into the eye. 
For further contra-indications, the extensive booklet that comes in the box should be read. 

Once the device is charged and unplugged,  we are ready for the off, ensuring my face is cleansed, clean and dry I only need to apply the nourishing eye renewal cream and then the procedure can begin. 

Join me for the Tria update in a couple of weeks. 

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