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Rather Lovely - The 'new' Skin Tonic

Rather Lovely produce such a reliable, healing, comforting and useful range. Expanding is a pleasure to behold and to receive some of the new items was a joy for me.

Rather Lovely get it right with this Skin Tonic, not overly scented, it's always a worry for many when it comes to applying things to the face and it's the perfect handbag size, that for me was gold star material. 
How often have I wanted to take a facial mist with me and crammed a 150ml bottle into my already weighed down handbag - this gives you all the perks without the weight of a full-size bottle. You can buy a larger size and then decant it into the 30ml bottle, all taken care of for you in that Rather Lovely way. 

This Witch Hazel tonic from the Trees range is perfect for all skin but especially those of us who lean towards oily. 
There is a delicate hint of 'green' as my husband calls is very refreshing, works well during the day to give life back to your makeup, can be used as part of my morning or evening routine, a welcome and gentle essential addition to my skincare routine. 

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