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Love Me Dew - Laura Gellar - lips and puns

Laura Gellar's Lip crayon has a dual purpose, not only can it be worn on the lips but you can also inhale it. Seriously, sniff it, go on, sniff, you're welcome. Love Me Dew Lip Crayon in Watermelon Cooler is Cadbury Mini Eggs scented, that's right, run my lovelies, run like the wind and grab as many as you can.

The texture is buttery, it applies onto the lips giving a gloriously coloured sheen which pops with colour. This pink tone shrieks of summer and glistens in the sunshine (yes, we actually have some sun in the UK). 
My lips feel silky and the Vitamin E helps keep them hydrated, this is not a sticky lip crayon, nor does it dry the lips.
Self-propelling, you never need to worry about sharpening the crayon. 

A gorgeous lip option if you don't want to wear a full strength lipstick but still want a powerful but softer finish of colour. 
See the application and colour payback here

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