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Laura Gellar - putting the pout in Rougepout

It's brown, let's not be ungrateful, I know, but, it's brown. Never judge a book by its cover or a lipstick in its casing until it's on your lips. Laura Gellar's Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick was a revelation and one I caught on camera here

Central Park Spice, came into my world and slapped my hand for my presumption that it wouldn't work for me. On my lips, it was delightful, not overly brown, darker than a nude tone but rather fetching. 

A superb choice to wear for a summery look that involves copious amounts of bronzer, highlighter and various shades of gold eyeshadow, the look is pure sunshine. 
The curved edge of the lipstick hugs my top lip and applies the colour to perfection, the bullet is decorated throughout, a faux croc design almost, a work of art in makeup form. Baked pigments and rich moisturisers ensure the lips are met with a creamy texture that glides on and feels so smooth. 
I adored the texture, it holds on my lips without feeling heavy, overly sticky or drying. 

The magnetic lid ensures the lipstick is protected and there are no chances of Central Park Spice decorating the inside of your favourite handbag. 
Did I ever think a brown, spice tone would be welcomed among my red lipsticks? no, but it sits proudly amongst them - reminding me, there is always room for change and discovery. 

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