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May Lindstrom - the clean dirt

May Lindstrom offers everything I could possibly want from a product, beautiful packaging, the most delightfully smelling items and most importantly everything and I mean everything has had a positive impact on my skin and my feeling of well-being.
Let me introduce Clean Dirt, the best smelling cleansing clay that can possibly exist - the best!

This microdermabrasion miracle dust is housed within the stunning black bottle, etched with gold writing, ignoring the rules and using small case letters in part. 

This bottle hides the most fragrant smell of spices, salts and cleansing clays. The cocktail within needs a mere teaspoon of powder and blended with a little water creates a mousse texture that can then be blended onto the face. The spices enrich the surrounding space and hold you in a warm embrace - you are for a second unable to even imagine this ever ending, it is a moment to relax and enjoy. 

The Clean Dirt lifts impurities from the skin, leaving vitamin c, which is activated by the addition of water to the powder to increase blood flow and cell regeneration. 

From the sprinkling of the product into the palm of my hand, I was completely obsessed with this bottle of magical dust. The smell of cinnamon erupts and with water added becomes a festive concoction that feels as though it has lost its way from Winter and that festive holiday I refuse to mention in June. 
It's a rich, almost reddy brown mousse nestled in the palm of my hand, easily applied with my fingers to my face and there it stays, no drips, just a rather discoloured and tingling face. The instructions suggest skin may feel hot and also tingly, but for me it wasn't uncomfortable and I barely noticed it. I worked the product around my face and left it for several minutes. It can be washed off which is easier, cloths do work but they also show the signs of the red/brown mousse, (hot wash needed)!

My skin was gleaming and glowing in a healthy, stimulated way, life back to skin that is definitely slowing down as I have happily slumped in my mid-forties. 
Each product applied after felt as though it would and was doing more, that my skin had cleared out the old and was ready to take onboard the new skin care passengers. 

This bottle, this Clean Dirt cleansing powder is a treatment that I for one never want to be without again. 

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