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Verso - let the mask fall

Verso Deep Hydration Mask rather oddly made me think of the Beach Boys and Good Vibrations (deep hydration). Not sure why or my need to share this quirky thought with you? 
How deep does this hydrate you ask (How Deep Is Your Love), Bee Gees now, maybe more coffee is needed before I write my review!

Verso has been a welcome addition to my skincare arsenal, simple and elegantly presented, the font of all skincare - I do like white with black script, it's clean and clear. 

The Facial masks are thought out to the point that they come in sections, genius, makes the application not only easier but far more precise and no one face is the same. 
This just oozes product, in a good way, it's all on the face, securely under the mask and boy did my skin drink this nectar up. Delivering product to the skin that has a prolonged effect, always nice to know it's working even after the removal of the mask. With Artificial Moisturising Factor (AMF) aiding the skin's ability to retain moisture. This can last 120 hours and use of the masks once or twice a week will certainly give you soft, smooth and bouncy skin.

I do like to store the residue of the packet in my fridge overnight and use the following evening, it's too good to waste. 

This was the most intensive product giving mask I have ever used, which my skin welcomed and for me the long term results were obvious, brighter, smoother, better-toned skin for a few days. A superb skincare product. 

*Unfortunately, the photos I had taken of this miracle were deleted, by me, in my efficient memory card formatting process I do each day - you can guess how annoyed I was about that. 
So you're going to have to take my word for it, this is a must if the warmer weather leaves your skin parched and in need of superb hydration or if you suffer from dry skin - this is the one for you. 

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