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The Vitality Of Vitl

After what can be described as a hectic few months, I finally had time to introduce Vitl Greens into my diet - the original introduction post is here.  

Vitl couldn't be simpler to use, each 6g sachet can be added to water, juice or even food. You don't need an overpriced juicer to start boosting your energy. 
And boy did my energy need boosting, I was at rock bottom, with no get-up and go, it had definitely, got up and gone. 
These 25 calorie sachets are not a food substitute and if in doubt always check with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or a nursing mother.  

Offering to look after immune health, skin, hair, nails and including iron, calcium, zinc, copper etc, what could these sachets do for me and how did they make me feel? 

I had six sachets to use and four of those were supposed to be added to the marvellous pre-made banana superfood ingredients packed into a practical Kilner jar, I was a little torn how to trial this product. Also, the recommendation was to use a sachet up to 3 times a day, again, this would not be possible. So I decided to use the sachets singularly to get the full benefit and still create the bread but without the addition of the sachets. 

Six sachets over six days, join me for a Vitl journey. 

Delicious, let's start right there, these taste so good - the powder produces a green liquid which appeals to me and certainly green makes you think and feel healthy. 
But the taste, vanilla, rich, not overly sweet and a total pleasure to drink with water or a cordial mix as I did. 
I also found mixing the powder with my breakfast muesli, made for a great start to the day. 
The sachet wasn't something I felt I could add to general meals, other than anything sweet, it really is too obvious a taste.  

I looked forward to my daily intake and certainly would have been happy to have used more than the one a day I had, but with only six sachets it couldn't be done. 
I enjoyed taking the superfood, it certainly made me feel I was making the right step to being healthier, with time I believe there may have been physical benefits but I don't feel the quantity of product was anywhere near enough to show me the true power of this product, which I feel disappointment in. 

Having recently used a 90 day supply of collagen, I know that time is a huge factor in taking products that aim to look after skin, hair, nails, immune health and general health. 
Vitl is something I will look further at, my brief encounter certainly focussed me on making changes and thinking positively about me and my health which I feel is a step in the right direction. I loved the taste and ease of use of the sachets, I felt better for taking them, mind over matter?, who cares, if it's positive then they did part of their job and I'm happy. 
Vitl presented everything so beautifully, the care for the items produced is obvious and this for me makes me want to know and experience more. 

My only issue was being unable to truly experience any obvious results in my energy levels, health, skin, hair etc - through no fault of the product, I just needed 'more' (feeling a little like Oliver here).

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