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Rather Lovely - enough said

Rather Lovely is a brand that features through my blog on many occasions because I love sharing the items sent to me, they never fail to not only work but always improve my mood and sense of well-being. From Candles, reed diffusers, to body lotions and bath salts, I have been fortunate to trial and share such lovely items and now to introduce some new products from the brand. 

Briefly, as full reviews will follow in a few weeks. We have the Organic Calendula Balm, 100% organic, no added chemicals or artificial fragrances or preservatives. This from the Remedy range is ideal for skin issues, such as eczema, dermatitis etc. Calendula is not only antiseptic but a natural healing product. 

From my favourite smelling range Trees comes the Organic Skin Tonic. Again this is 100 % organic and perfect for oily skin, blemished and skin suffering from acne. With Witch Hazel, this refreshes and tones the skin. 

From the Purity line, aimed at anyone who is intolerant to essential oils or prefers not to use them. This facial cleanser, using anti-inflammatory and skin softening ingredients, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn extract. My initial instinct is, I wouldn't use this to remove makeup, it would be a treatment oil cleanser, perfect for soothing the skin and removing with a warm flannel or cloth.

All products will be fully reviewed at a later date. 

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All products featured are PR / GWP unless otherwise stated.

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