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Zoeva - getting the right blend - Cocoa Blend Palette

Zoeva Cocoa Palette is a must for anyone, and I mean anyone who adores, wears, loves makeup.  Read the ingredients list, amongst the vast array do note the delightful additions of 'substitute for love', 'sweeter end', 'may contain'. 

Before the cover is off I love this palette, my heart quickens at the sheer beauty of the 10 colours within. 
It is a box of makeup chocolate, pans of coloured delight waiting for your selection. The only thing missing was an inlay card for you to choose your eyeshadow. 

A perfect mix of matte and shimmer, the dazzling Warm Notes leaps from the palette in all it's shimmering wine toned glory - this is one colour that will work every season, those smokey eyes are a must for this shade. Sweeter End gives the option for highlighting the eyes inner corner, give the brow bone a lift or adding a sheer, shimmer look to a natural eye.
Beans Are White gives the option for using as an eyeliner, a great softer option if you want a change from a liquid liner. 
They all tempt you in, the options are there to work each colour singularly or blending them together. 
Delicate Acidity is the black sheep for me, there is always one shade, let's be honest that you feel meh about. Work this shade with Infusion and you have a stunning golden flecked, warmer mauve. For me, this is the only shade I wouldn't wear without blending with another colour. 
Smooth application, a great pigment from each shade that holds throughout the day. 

In the picture above I have used Bitter Sweet from lash to brow, Sweeter End over mobile lid and finished under the eye with a mix of Subtle Blend and Beans Are White.

For a more natural look I used Sweeter End from lash to brow and Pure Ganache with Subtle Blend lightly applied to the outer edge of eyes and along lower lash line. 

Zoeva has produced a superior lightweight and highly pigmented palette that will take you through all the seasons. Forget already having too many palettes  (welcome to my world, I had to buy it), make room for this.
Just buy it, you should cocoa!

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