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Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie Body Oil & Bathing Crystals - just say ahhhhhhhhh

Hand blended, purest essential oils, not tested on animals and free from preservatives and artificial colourings, Micheline Arcier is certainly offering a beautiful body oil and that's before I've even opened the box. 

The frosted glass bottle contains the sunshine coloured oil that is so suited to mature, dry and sun damaged skin. 
100ml of divine smelling, rich body oil to apply after a bath or shower, this is a pure luxury and my skin soaks it up. 
Delightful notes of lavender, orange and sandalwood envelope the senses, the oil nourishes the body with added jojoba, apricot kernel and rice bran.
My skin has such a beautiful glow after the oil is applied, silky and smooth to the touch. A small amount gives that dewy finish without the skin being tacky to the touch. 
Perfect for anyone who adores body oils. 

I defy anyone to remove the lid from the massive, bathroom essential 200g tub of Bath and Shower Crystals and not want to immediately run a bath. 
Created for bathing, showering and exfoliation these crystals leap from the tub in all their pink jewelled glory. 
Added to the bath, these glistening crystals drop like pebbles and dissolve leaving a heavenly scented water treat awaiting. 

The crystals can also be used to exfoliate the body, now, if like me you would consider having a back scratch against a tree these may be the ideal thing but they are very scratchy and leave the blood flow to the surface of the skin pumping and skin is a healthy pink. I personally love these for a proper session of getting rid of dead skin cells, they leave my skin smooth, marble smooth and body products absorb and work so much better. 
Apply the body oil after the crystals have cleaned away all that dead skin and you'll be amazed at the vibrancy and healthy glow attained. 

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