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Estee Lauder Paying Lip Service

There's a red lipstick in this trio of Estee Lauder's Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks set and they are stored in a red patent case, there is little else that can make me so happy than a red lipstick and a red case. 
Part of the Travel Retail Exclusives range, available only at airports and duty-free stores, this a glamorous 'must have' for anyone heading off on their holidays or just wanting a luxury treat, (lipsticks may be purchased individually at Estee Lauder counters). 

Each of the Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks is housed in heavy duty, luxury casings that snap shut with a satisfying magnetic click. 
Hydrating, with definition giving pigments, these sculpt the lips with a glorious range of colours. 

At the front of the picture is the beautiful 410 Dynamic shade, gloriously pink but with a depth that gives the face a strength of colour without being overpowering, a rich nude shade that worked well over my natural dark lip colour. 
All these lipsticks are super creamy, leaving lips hydrated and pout ready. 

Tumultuous Pink 240, is a blue pink but the depth of the pink stops this being too blue on the lips, something I struggle with when it comes to blue-based shades. A stunning colour for holidays, equally a great option for everyday wear to give a stronger finish to makeup.

Impassioned 330, is almost tomato red, it does lean towards the orange-hued red lipsticks and certainly, is a creamy option to Mac Lady Danger in all it's matte glory. 

Stunning on the lips, it's a wow lipstick, perfect for the summer with natural skin but adding that extra something to the look. I adored this shade and as I had found with the previous two lipsticks they last beautifully, keep the lips hydrated and really give a class finish to makeup or no makeup, these are quality all on their own. They also have quite a sweet scent to them which I adore. 

The extra charm of this Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive is the red pouch, case, makeup bag, coin purse, you name it, it's all going on. Great to hold a few items for a relaxed evening out and a super cute presentation for these lips loving Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipsticks. 

Check out my YouTube video here, to see the lipsticks in all their glory 

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