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SUKIN - Rose Hydrating Mist Toner

Hydrating Facial Mists are so much a part of my skincare routine, both morning and evening. Sukin has the most relaxing facial mist with chamomile and rosewater. 

I adore this mist because not only is it great for the skin but it also works to relax and de-stress me. Perfect during and after long journeys, a must in the glorious hot weather, this paraben and alcohol-free mist is travel-friendly in its plastic bottle. 
I often find facial mists fit into my 'migraine' routine, I can't stop them but I have products that just help a little and facial mists are perfect, the leave me feeling cool and soothed. 
This bottle has one of the gentlest applicators, the mist covers the face perfectly without leaving the skin actually wet, perfect when applying over makeup. 
the subtle scent is just enough to relax me without being too over-powering. 

Sukin offer such great skin and body care options, the price range is purse friendly and their tag line is 'skincare that doesn't cost the earth' both in monetary value and ingredients. 
Worth a look and available online and on the high street also, check out Holland and Barrett & Feel Unique. 

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