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BEAN BODY - Coffee Bean Scrub -

Could I possibly love a product more at the moment? so much love for Bean Body that I have purchased another bag of this before I've finished the first one, now, that's love!

Robusta coffee beans, cold pressed coconut oil, pink rock salt from the Himalaya's, Demerara sugar, vitamin E oil and organic Cacao make this one hell of a great body scrub, messy, but my goodness once you've Bean Bodied there is no looking back. 
This super effective scrub is gentle, non-abrasive but it sloughs away dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and silky. 
The caffeine stimulates blood flow, work in massage movements towards the heart and this helps improve skin condition. The sugars and salts combined exfoliate the skin and the oils give a glistening look to the skin as the Vitamin E and Cacao nourish and rejuvenate. 

I scoop a handful and work it over my damp skin, it really does create the most wonderful coffee scented chaos in the shower but my skin loves it. It rinses away really easily and leaves skin smooth, hydrated with an obvious glow. 
I find body products absorb better and give more obvious results to my skin after I've used this scrub. 
There are several 'flavours' in the scrubs, peppermint, coco berry, mandarin, vanilla, manuka honey and even one for the men, so they don't pinch yours. I am totally obsessed with the coconut but will try others. 

Go on, grab a bag and smell the coffee!

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