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The 3 Masked Approach - skincare diary

One mask is quite acceptable, but, there are times when the moment calls for the triple. 3 masks, which can all be applied at the same time on localised areas, or if like me you love the routine of applying, removing and applying the next mask then the skin is in for a treat whichever you choose.

My first need was to give my skin a deep clean with the Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask. Rose clay, willow herb and jojoba give the skin a deep clean whilst also refining the texture. I find this a gentle option and never too drying for my skin. 
I leave the mask for 10 minutes or until dry and remove using a cloth, pat the skin dry and then move onto the next mask. 

This honey mud gentle cleansing silk beauty from May Lindstrom is just superb, it smells great and the result is a stunningly bright and smooth skin. I used it as a treatment mask, so applied it quite thickly to my dry face, great for a deep clean to lift pollutants from the skin, this goes deeper than the origins mask, which is great for surface debris. For a quick cleanse it can also be applied to damp skin, this gives fast acting skin care results and the best your skin can be. 

Removed with a cloth, I tend to leave this 10- 15 minutes but longer is fine, I adore the smell. 

Finally, a little light relief from all the deep cleansing, retexturizing and 
Nuxe has the most gentle, yet effective mask in the form of the 24hr soothing and rehydrating fresh mask. I use it more for the soothing and relaxing aspect for the skin, giving skin a good exercise routine with the first two masks I like to give my skin a cuddle and let it rest, this is perfect. Creamy, rich and perfect to leave on for 10 minutes, or even leave on over night, which I often do. This time, I removed with a cloth, not a flannel as I wanted a gentle removal, not the abrasive variety. 
Pat dry and then leave or follow with current evening skincare routine. 

My mask routines tend to happen in the evening but there is absolutely no reason why they can't be applied in the morning.

I would certainly buy all three masks again, but it's good to keep trying different brands, May Lindstrom though, is such a high performing range for me. 

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