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Madara - the PERFECT dewy glow in a bottle.

Madara has certainly given this tinting fluid a beautiful name, Moon Flower Rose Beige. Perfect for the summer weather, this is lightweight and gives such a beautiful dewy look. 

I had high expectations from this and I wasn't disappointed, this was such a beautifully delicate product. From the picture below you can see the glow it gave my skin, this was taken in front of a window, there has been no editing, it really is that soft and dewy. 

Extremely lightweight it does pack a punch in its coverage, skincare benefits and final results. My skin tone was visibly more even and the glow was perfection. 
I use it over the whole of my face, but it works well as a localised highlighter, your cheekbones will thank you for this. 

Rosehip extract, Calendula, Jojoba and chamomile ensure that the skin is cared for and hydrated. 
Natural, organic, free from artificial fragrances and colours this is makeup/skincare that you'll want to keep applying. 
Summer of course calls for softness and glow, it really has come into its own and I feel 'pretty' wearing it. For the Winter it will certainly be one of the first things I reach for when I need cheekbone glorification, it can also be added to foundations to soften the finish. 

Madara has made an impression on me, I hope there is more from the makeup range because this Tinting Fluid is outstanding and alongside the fashionable BB and CC creams it holds its own. Organic ingredients, natural essential oils, pure mineral pigments, this is the natural way to beauty. 

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