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Aveda Damage Remedy To The Rescue

When this delightful Aveda, Travel Exclusives Set arrived on my desk little did I realise how welcome this would become to my relaxed hair care regime? 

The Restructuring Shampoo and Restructuring Conditioner, intensive treatment and daily hair repair were saviours when, after months of unhappy events my hairline and scalp developed stress related eczema, something that has occurred in the past. 
As I dye my own hair, I generally stick with products that are specifically developed for coloured hair, that give it vibrancy and extend the life of the colour. 
Sometimes this has to be relaxed and 'proper' hair treatments are required. 
I had been using the shampoo and conditioner once a month and then the Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring treatment once a week.
 The Daily Hair Repair stayed as my go to after I had washed my hair. 
But I found using the shampoo and conditioner every other wash vastly improved, not only the condition of my scalp but the general health of my hair. 
Working the duo with my weekly intensive treatment, soothed and healed my scalp within two weeks, continued use of this new routine has improved the hairline to just a few visible signs of eczema. 
I have even been able to dye my hair again recently with no adverse effects and continue to use the Damage Remedy super hero's as and when my hair is ready for a fresh dyeing session. 

Aveda was my first high-end purchase of hair care products in my early twenties and the smell of the shampoo takes me back to glossy hair from the Shampure range. 

Damage Remedy is a care package for hair, it's developed to care for chemically treated hair and for me works from the scalp to the last hair wisps. 
Giving hair, condition, hydration, a smooth finish and strength, the general condition is greatly improved with this as an addition to my routine. 
I prefer to use it as a treatment programme unless, as happened recently, it was required more frequently. 

The shampoo and conditioner are perfect as a once a month cleanse for the hair. 
The intensive treatment works for me as a weekly treat that I leave on for as long as possible, often with a warm towel wrapped around my head, it truly gives such life and vibrancy back to my hair. 

This set is an exclusive Travel Retail Edition but products are available separately, so you too can either grab a box as you fly out for your holidays and keep hair in tip top condition or grab a box when you land home and give that sun frazzled hair some tender loving intensive treatments or head to your nearest Aveda stockist and give your locks the hair-raising experience they deserve.

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