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FRESH - A breath of fresh air

The joyous time when products are coming to an end and it's time to look at replacing items has me thrilled to actually now have FRESH as part of my skincare wardrobe. 

From one pot, two more did grow, the 'need' for a new facial polish, scrub, resurfacer led me to the much longed for Sugar Face Polish

This nourishing exfoliant buffs away dry and dull skin using brown sugar and strawberry seeds and having used it for the first time last night - it is so good. Very fruity smelling rather than the sweet sugar I had expected. Super soft on application and not at all abrasive, it hydrates the skin too. I removed the scrub after 10 mins using a cloth and my skin was glowing, smooth and looked vibrant. This is one sweet mask, I love it already. 

Once I discovered the option of a trio of masks, well, it was in my basket and I had the Sugar Face Polish plus two other skin care beauties to try. 

This Black Tea Mask does not smell of tea, at all. Cucumber was the first scent that I detected and this is such a lovely 10-minute mask to soften skin and achieve firmness. 
This super soft cream texture spreads like butter across the face, it has a subtle texture to it. 
I removed it again with a face cloth and my skin was softer than I can ever remember, so good to use after the sugar polish. One I would consider leaving on overnight, although, they do have a mask in the range with that option.

Infused with rose petals this Rose Face Mask surprisingly has a depth to the fragrance and isn't overly floral, which, is good for me, as the rose is not my scent at all. 
With rosewater notable for soothing and toning the skin, cucumber extract and aloe vera gel which go to soothe the skin and cool on the application. 
Green tea works to brighten and protect the skin with its anti-oxidant properties. 
Deep, rich and the consistency of jam, this is beautiful on the skin and feels such a treat to apply, the smell is amazing, you can almost hear an 'ah' from the skin.
My skin felt so lovely this morning and just using such result giving products really makes the day start well. 

The 3 Muskateers of skincare, in my opinion, are amazing, certainly, they have brought a breath of Fresh air to my skincare routine and cabinet. 

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