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Many years ago, so many, I would not be seen without my red lipstick, it would be applied for all occasions, including putting out the rubbish, answering the door to the postman, immediately after a dental check up and much to the horror of my Granny to attend many a funeral (a respectful red I must add, but, red all the same).
From working on the cosmetic shop floor pouting my heart out and earning the nickname 'lips', something has changed in my lip world.

I have become a nude lip wearer, yes me, hail and hearty red until the day I die has discovered the lazy ease of a natural lip colour and I like it. 

It's the ease of application, something I can do without a mirror, although I was once very practised at applying red lipstick without a mirror. 
The formulations now, offer so much choice from glosses to lip oils, lipsticks, to lip pencils, balms to butters. Pots of colour, lipstick bullets, doe foot applicators and of course there is nothing better than using the fingers to smear on a gloss and pat it down, and before you ask, of course, I don't wipe the residue on my jeans!

Lip oils leave such a silky finish to the lips and just a hint of colour, balms a little more suggestion of colour and often with SPF protection, this I like in a lip product. 
Lip Butters are rich and add a glorious sheen of colour, slightly sticky but so glossy. 
Lipsticks are always the old fashioned way of gaining strong, long-lasting colour but there are variants of these and a bullet these days isn't always a strong pigment of colour. 

I love the subtlety of a gentle lip colour, especially as I am fond, addicted, obsessed with strong eye looks. Most people would do a smokey eye for a special occasion, me, I'm smoking just because it's a Tuesday and as much as I love a strong lip with a strong eye I do like the neutral look, allowing the eye colour to pop and have the focus. 

I will never be far from a red lip, it's in my DNA but it's nice to experiment and occasionally replace the red with the nude. 

Here are some of my favourites

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