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The Bathroom Diaries

My shower routine has been greatly improved recently with some rather delicious products, that have not only made me smell good but have left my skin feeling and looking in pretty good condition. I've left out the shampoo etc, that's another story of many products. Join me for my shower experience and the products that keep me in there a little longer. 

From the vast array of products I pick certain ones for the mood I'm in and what needs addressing, such as giving my skin a good exfoliation, a little colour, some moisture, you name it, I have an arsenal at my fingertips. 

Exfoliating the body is something I love, it leaves me feeling super refreshed and clean, I have a selection of products to the job from hardcore to coffee grounds smelling of coconut to scrubs that are almost like a cream. 

Micheline Arcier Bath & Shower Crystals
Used on wet skin, this leaves super smooth and soft skin, it also smells amazing.

Bean Body
My favourite of the scrubs, messy, but smells great and skin is super soft. 

This renewing scrub is so creamy when washed away skin is superbly hydrated. 

Bodhi & Birch 
I use various shower gels but these never strip the oils of the skin, they smell amazing and leave skin super soft. I adore the Ylang Ylang. 

St Tropez
For quick colour I reach for this in shower product, apply all over the body and wait 3 minutes, I generally brush my teeth. Leaves a beautiful glow and my skin is super soft. 

Gillette Venus
Although I have an epilator I do find my skin becomes sore, so a reliable razor in the shower is a must. I adore the travel size available now, great for taking away. 

Once I am out of the shower I love to apply a body oil, cream or lotion, currently, there are 4 items that I choose from. 

Micheline Arcier
The smell of this is stunning, relaxing, super to give skin a glow and it leaves my skin so soft. 

Amazing range and this Wild Cow smells so good, zesty and spicy. Super hydrating for a lotion, it has substance to it, a little goes a long way. 

Jo Malone
So rich in the application, often one I reach for in the Winter, this is superb for super dry skin and smells so good. 

Rather Lovely
Problem skin is taken care of with this healing beauty, contains only two ingredients, coconut oil and calendula. Ideal for broken skin, scratches, bites and eczema etc. Essential TLC in a jar. 

I alter my shower products often, I feel my skin is the better for it, plus I get bored easily. 

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