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Rather Lovely Calendula Balm - a pot that heals

We are a home that has little pots of healing creams, balms and lotions scattered in various rooms. Rather Lovely's Organic Calendula Balm joined the ever growing family and made itself firmly at home. 
Containing healing and antiseptic ingredients this became a much reached for product. 

I have spoken many times that both myself and my husband suffer from dry skin and eczema, we often have small localised areas that need attention and have found organic products to be some of the most effective. 
Rather Lovely's Calendula Balm contains two ingredients, simple as that, Coconut Oil which is a natural antiseptic and Calendula which has healing properties. 
This hard balm is ideal for applying just a small amount to the area needing treatment, although it will turn into a pouring liquid at warm temperatures. 
It is also an option for as natural as you can get a moisturiser. 
For us, it's the skin problems and for me little bites from the creepy crawlies in my garden, they do like to lunch out on me. 
We have both found it to be fast acting, certainly soothing the irritation and calming the skin very quickly. I have scratches on my legs from gardening and one application of this overnight certainly stopped the area being so itchy and sore. 
I also find this ideal as a hardcore hand care product when I have been cleaning, gardening etc and have washed my hands a lot through the day, it really works when I layer the balm onto my hands, by morning they are less worn and appear smoother. 
90g of the product is a super amount, it really is value for money and for us gives comforting and fast acting results that over the counter creams never do. 

My husband prefers this to many products as there is no scent, it's made to work not to take you on a scented journey. 
A medicine cabinet in a jar.

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