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Merumaya - Exfoliating Lotion

Merumaya shares an important message #beautyhasnoage no one should be defined by a number, by a celebration each year. Embracing each other without judgement is an ideal, it may happen one day but for now, it's so wonderful to see a brand and it's originator shouting this message from every rooftop. Be who you are, wear what you want and never apologise for the privilege of growing up, experiencing life and loving it. 
Beauty at any age is always helped along with beautiful products and having literally fallen for the cleansing balm review here, I was kindly sent the Gentle Exfoliating Lotion. 

Exfoliants have been part of my routine in various guises for over 20 years, many quite brutal, when harsh grains were the 'in' thing. But now we have the delightful lotions that are gentle yet effective. 
Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Lotion is a prime example of a gentle yet results giving product. 
This now, officially the best smelling lotion I have used, it is divine, a pleasure to use. 
I generally include an exfoliant in my evening routine, depending on my skin and its needs this can include several evenings but not every. 
I sweep over my cleansed skin with a cotton wool pad, and also take it down my neck. 
This natural AHA product, removes dead skin cells, cleaning, refining and detoxifying as it goes. Certainly, the surface of my skin is always smoother and clearer when I use this product, it's also great for breakouts and hormonal moments, for me it keeps everything balanced, clarified and clean. 
Hydration is taken care of with the essential hyaluronic acid and natural betaine, both holding many times their weight in water thereby giving skin a plump and healthy look with less fine lines. 
For me this is a must now for my routine, top of my list for the smell alone but the brighter skin, the hormone areas cleared over night, it works and that's all you can ask. 

#beautyhasnoage and thanks to the Gentle Exfoliating Lotion this has never been more evident. 

The Makeup bag is available to buy or comes with any purchases £50+ on the Merumaya Site

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