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Madara - Innovative Skincare

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare, Madara Organic Skincare have replaced water as the base ingredient in their formulations with Birch Water. This rival to the coconut oil/water frenzy has been proven to reduce all the key signs of visible ageing. 

Giving skin a boost this rejuvenating water is one of the richest sources of nutrients including vitamins, proteins, amino acids, assisting in the removal of toxins from the body. 
Research has proven that birch water provides energy for the skin encouraging cell growth, repair and protection. 

The Time Miracle Range of which the toning mist plays a big part has patented technology based on the Madara plant which protects skin from free radical damage, along with this there are 6 other plants that delay the ageing process. 
Sea Buckthorn, often evident in organic skin care, helps boost skin regeneration.
Blueberry a very powerful anti-oxidant, superb for stabilising and stimulating collagen. 
Red Clover another great ingredient for collagen and improves the skin's moisture. 
Lady's Mantle a wonderfully named plant that neutralises around 90% of free radicals. 
Horsetail Extract high in another wonder ingredient Silica, essential for the skin's elasticity
Horse Chesnut great for toning and strengthening the skin. 

This a refreshing toning mist needs holding at arms length, it does give out a powerful amount of product. 
There is a subtle aroma as it lands on the face, follow with skincare of choice, this is also ideal to keep skin refreshed throughout the day, it maintains moisture levels and in improving the structure of the skin and collagen production skin firmness is also improved. 

Using this alone and not applying products as I would normally certainly gave me the evidence that it hydrated my skin, my skin remained smooth and clear, no tightness and I didn't actually always feel the need to rush in with a serum, often I just applied a small amount of moisturiser. 

A great item to work with as part of any skin care routine, I look forward to hearing more about the wonders of birch water. 

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