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L'Oreal Miss Hippie Mascara, more than a name

L'Oreal have hit mascara gold in my opinion with their latest launch of eyelash adornment. Miss Hippie Mega Volume, the name, not quite sure where they are going with that, although it is the festival season, but the product is superb. 

Welcome to the world of long, curled lashes with volume, lots!. The wand is large, holds so much product without transferring too much and causing clumps. 

It's got bristle attitude, I have heard it described as fuzzy, it is a substantial wand with lot's going on. 
Deep pigmented noir black coats the lashes, the kaleidoscopic bristles hold them in a perfect curl, it adds fullness and length. One of the few where one application would be enough although old habits died hard with me and I love lashings of mascara, at least to the point of tipping my head back to get my eyes open. 

Even with vast amounts of product the lashes still feel soft to the touch and I can remove the mascara very easily with specific eye make-up remover but even just a balm cleanser melts it away. 

A must for all full on mascara lovers, grab one, I'm glad I did. 

10/10 L'Oreal

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