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Clarins - BB Skin Detox Fluid

Clarins latest offering in the land of lettered makeup with skincare properties is the BB Skin Detox Fluid

A light-weight fluid which can be layered and you'll be glad of that fact not only gives skin a radiant finish but also detoxifies the skin and restores balance. 
Containing Acerola seed extract which contributes to the skin's oxygenation and Meadowsweet extract to maintain balanced skin. 
This has a satin finish, although at times I did feel it was slightly powdery. Light to medium coverage, this is achieved through layering and one application soon disappeared from my face, I couldn't detect where it had been but it does layer well. 
Skin tone was fairly even, it looks natural on the face with one application, I did find by the afternoon as I have mentioned it had completely gone and added more. 
Layering gives it longevity, this is where in my opinion it can become quite powdery in areas, I have oily/combination skin, but it does sit on areas of my face. The ingredients list declares it MAY contain Mica - I would say that Talc is there somewhere. I also find the product scent quite pungent, it reminds me of skincare of years ago, quite strong and statement-making. 

A reasonable fluid, certainly not the best I've tried this summer, but the layering will take it through the seasons into Autumn/Winter, a great option if you prefer a lighter application option to a foundation. 
It is suitable for all skin types, as mine is quite oily I was surprised to find it powdery on my skin but I do have dehydrated areas, trial and error with this one. 

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