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Cheek to Cheek

I do love blusher, I love lots of it, too much actually. The days of lingering over coral hues are nearly over, my skin tone welcoming pink, proper pink, nana pink cheeks, perfect circles on the apples of my cheeks reminding me of the colour my cheeks achieved alone in the days of hockey first thing, double period on cold Autumn mornings, using elastic bands to keep my Hockey socks up! (that also could be the reason for the pink cheeks)

I have favourites, a mixture of high street and high end that give warmth but with a healthy pink glow. 

I do love cream blushers but find 'proper' pink can be quite blue toned in the softer texture, the powder has a truer finish and tone to it. 

Let's get in the pink with The Balm Company Instain blusher in the shade Argyle, so beautiful in texture and the colour is a soft pink but it has enough tone to lift the face, such a pretty shade. 
Frat Boy from the same brand is an all time favourite of mine, reliable, strong pigment, I reach for it so often and never get bored of using it. 

Max Factor Puff Blush in Lovely Pink, such a pretty pot of, the colour is more subtle and the least pigmented of the range, the blusher brush needs loading to gain colour from this, it is perfect for a subtle hit of pink. 

Hourglass, of course, have the stunning ambient blushers and I adore Incandescent Electra, amazing pigment, long lasting, beautifully packaged and such stunning results. 

Dior Cheek Creme, which I don't believe are still available (websites state out of stock), such a shame because these are superb. the shade Bikini is amazing and although a powdered finish cream the application is so smooth and soft, it makes the final results so beautiful. 

The English Mineral Makeup Company have the most amazing products, all finely milled, 100% mineral and so highly pigmented, they give an amazing makeup finish. I adore their Rose blush, which gives the perfect colour to the cheek as simple as that. 

The Limited Edition Norman Parkinson range from Charlotte Tilbury was a huge disappointment with the packaging but I have grown to love the application and gentle touch of pink from the cream blusher / Lip cream from the range. Colour Of Youth, is exactly that, youthful, vibrant without being obvious a lovely colour and texture. 

A new favourite, a perfect shade from the first application, The Barest Blush in Purr Pink from Estee Lauder's, The Estee Edit. Although plastic packaging, the inner colour is amazing, two-toned, with a cloud of softer, iridescent highlighter, which sadly after the first use was gone. However, the colour is perfection, quite dark looking in tone but on the face, it is just enough, warm, rich with a lovely tone to give lift and a healthy hue to the cheek area, I have been reaching for this more than any of the others recently. 

I'm all for applying as much blusher as my cheeks can take, the cheek of it!

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