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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm

There may be trouble ahead, finally, I may have found a cleanser that can match my favourite and may just be a better!!!

Estee Lauder has a superb cleanser in the form of this hard balm cleanser, Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm. 
This light-weight balm melts into a silky cleansing oil when massaged over the skin and it dissolves every scrap of makeup, mascara, eye liner,  smokey eye, all gone easily and very quickly. 
Water can be added to create a milky residue but I apply this onto my dry face with full makeup and it is gone, gently, efficiently and without any eye stinging at all. 
I remove using a cloth / flannel soaked in warm water and it takes everything away, my skin feels light, smooth and although I follow with a second cleanse whenever I've worn makeup and SPF, my skin is super clean after the first cleanse with this. 

Although a slightly different texture to my favourite Emma Hardie, not as gooey,  
it resembles the Clinique hard balm but I find it's more workable. 
This has fast become my most reached for balm cleanser for it's ease of use, removal of the heaviest eye makeup, leaving my skin in such lovely condition and being gentle, there is a slight citrus, herb aroma to the balm, I certainly picked out the lavender.
It may actually be slightly better than EH due to the quickness of getting that makeup off and not smearing it all over my face, superb product. 
Must get a spare!!!

product sourced through lovethesales 

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