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Having A "Brows" - the nemesis / AD

Brows, ah those wonderful face changers or not depending on the shape, angle, colour, style, lack of, too much of - I am amazed how in-depth the topic of brows can be and for me, it's all a bit much because brows are my nemesis. 

My brows have always been a plenty, I have never had them threaded or waxed, just the odd unruly one tweezered away and then I have left them. 
It's lovely that fuller brows are quite the thing, which means my laziness comes into its own and I can actually pretend my brows are deliberate and I planned them this way - of course I did!
Tweezers and brow gel and that's my care routine for those glorified caterpillars lurking heavily above my eyes, I do feel at some point they will need a proper shape, just so I can see what they've been lacking all these years but for now, it's tweezers and sheer ignorance. 
For those of you with a little more consideration for your brows the lovely folk of Moo Review (love the name as it reminds me of my friends daughter who is Meggie Moo), have this rather informative infographic about the best tweezers out there and some other snippets of information that actually had me considering that I need to browse more often!

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