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Merumaya Facial Wash

A surprise indeed when this lovely box arrived from Merumaya, not only was there a Luxury Facial Wash but some of the prettiest tattoos I have seen.

I am a huge appreciator of Merumaya products and this was one I hadn't tried, there was even a sneaky Iconic Youth Serum to sample. 
The Luxury Facial Wash is of interest as I rarely buy anything that suggests a wash as in foaming to clean the skin but it states the formula has mild cleansing agents so the skin doesn't feel stripped. 
With anti-oxidant protection, exfoliating and blemish clearing ingredients this could change my opinion of facial washes. 
Massaged onto damp skin this was perfect for my morning routine, this has the consistency of a runny cleansing balm, smells fabulous which is another reason I love Merumaya, everything just smells great. 

A little certainly goes a long way and lathers a lot with added water, I do like to use a cloth but this can be rinsed away. 
Aimed at those of the oily skin variety amongst us, this inevitably suggests that it's helpful in leaving oily skin clog free. I have for decades never found facial washes of benefit to my oily/combination skin, this is the best I have used but it has been years, so you expect products to have improved. 
I do use this only in the morning but, not every morning, it can leave my face feeling a little tight and I now alternate with the Merumaya cleansing balm. Certainly skin smoothing and refreshing I do feel for my skin that the balm is far better performing for my skin. 

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