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At the moment anything suggesting adding vitality to any part of my body gets a look, Elemental Herbology has the Cell Food Facial Serum. Now branded as Cell Nourish.

Having wanted to explore the brand further this was next on my list and it's one my skin loves but I do have a smattering of issues with the product itself. 
The serum title I feel is misleading, it's a white lotion in this silver vessel and it really is troublesome when it comes to using the pipette to gather the lotion. Now, this may actually be a good thing, in that, you can't use too much product but I dislike the fight to get more than a drop in the pipette. 
Aside from my niggles, I love this herb smelling product, a packed powerhouse of ingredients, this offers skin brightening, antioxidant pollution fighters and skin smoothing properties. Rose, black tea, orange peel oil, aloe and many more ingredients derived from natural sources. 

I use this constantly, it works as part of both my morning and evening routines, a great layer to support and work in unison with further products. I use it before and after products and this just leaves my skin smoother and I have noticed my eye area is so much brighter. Gentle enough to use over the face and down my neck, it absorbs leaving a smoother surface to my skin. 
Elemental Herbology has again shown their skincare works well for my skin, I see results and love the everything I have tried so far. The range is well priced and offers high performing ingredients and products. 
I will definitely be continuing my love of this brand, watch this space. 

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