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Peter Thomas Roth - Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

This is one pumpkin product that doesn't involve you scooping out the contents and creating a fixed smiling vegetable. 
The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask from Peter Thomas Roth gives skin a triple skincare treat and I was spellbound (yes, that is a vague Halloween reference of the lowest pun form) from the first use. 

This is serious skin transforming skincare, it smells fabulous, more cinnamon than anything else, apply to damp clean skin. They do advise applying with wet fingertips, I find it far easier to dampen the face and then apply. 
I find this very strong and leave for only a couple of minutes, it does depend on your sensitivity, normally my skin can take most products, but this warms very quickly and I remove before the suggested 3 - 7 minutes. This works for my skin and I find no irritation or redness when I remove it, I am sure left longer it may be a more obvious where the product has been on the skin. The radiance from this pumpkin enzyme exfoliator, AHA polisher and aluminium oxide is amazing, my skin was bright, clean, superbly radiant, my skin was smooth and the condition of my skin has vastly improved since using this. Although my skin is in pretty good condition this has taken it up a level. 
As with any AHA product, it can affect the skin's sensitivity to the sun, please remember your SPF, no point in buying all these lovely products to spoil your skin and then damage it with UV rays. 

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