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I'm quite partial to skincare products rotation, that all too familiar routine that occurs when you have more than one of a certain item and feel you'd like to become acquainted with it again. 
I find I change my skincare far more often during the cooler months, my skin is quite relaxed during the summer but demands a lot of attention when Autumn starts throwing leaves from the trees in a fit of temper, we know how you feel, we weren't ready for you anyway!

I love a pot of cleanser, ah yes, there is something comforting for me when I stick my finger (unhygienic I know, but I do know where it's been!) into the gloop before me and blend it eagerly over my face. I watch as the familiar becomes a face melting into one with a hint of a red lip for good measure. 
My favourite, must have, essential, if it's ever discontinued I may actually have a tantrum is my ever faithful Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, this is pure luxury for the face, it melts away everything, liner, mascara and we are talking lashings of the stuff - be gone! This cleanser not only cleans my skin like no other but it's the softness and lack of tightness when it's removed. A great option for holidays as it doubles as a hydrating masque. 
Aveda is the gentle option in exfoliating lotion and I felt my skin was ready for a little lotion love. This keeps my skin smooth, bright and perfect to use between those stronger glycolic options. 
Sunday Riley Luna Oil is blue perfection, yes, it has been dyed to give it the rich blue colour, more fitting to ingredient blue tansy. I adore this oil/serum, my skin responds almost immediately, I see a difference in my skin's texture and often I develop smallish raised lumps when my skin dislikes a product, a few evenings using the Luna oil and my skin is settled again. 
Verso Super Facial Serum containing ingredients 8 times more effective than plain old retinol, this heals and strengthens skin. Again, this shows results in the texture of my skin, it is smoother, brighter and more even. 

Yu Ling Jade Roller provides the perfect option to cool, relax and de-puff the eye area. I also find this really useful to cool my temples and ease tension headaches and migraines. 

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