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Bodhi & Birch NEW Body Oil Collection - a terrific trio!

Bodhi & Birch have introduced a trio of NEW body oils to their stunning range of products. Housed in glass bottles, with a pump dispenser, these oils offer the sensory quality and high standard of product that gives the brand such a respected and loyal following. 
With a choice of Nordic White, Chinois Blue and Sicilian Rose, there is a scent for everyone. 

I felt very fortunate earlier this year to have the opportunity to actually be a part of the trial for the Bodhi & birch Body Oils, it's wonderful to finally see it all come together and see the final products, each 100ml oil is priced at £42, they are handcrafted in small micro-crafted batches to ensure quality. 
I had a firm favourite from the first trial and it's Nordic White, an homage to the beauty of Scandinavia.
Made with 98% certified organic ingredients, high levels of omega 6 and Gamma Linoleic Acid are present from the blend of safflower, grapeseed, jojoba and starflower oils. Together the ingredients help regenerate and strengthen collagen and elastin structures improving the overall health of the skin. This fresh sweet scented oil is so beautifully rich on the skin, you're not only aware of the scent but you feel it, the spruce is invigorating and energising, the fennel levels everything, gives a centre, for me it relaxes my mind, a great option if you can be anxious. 
This is a wonderfully scented oil is perfect for the Autumn and Winter, warmed between my hands I apply in upward strokes towards the heart, this oil absorbs leaving a gorgeous glow to the skin with that glorious scent lingering. I also adore applying this to damp skin when I've stepped from the shower or bath, it's such a warming scent when I'm cosying up in my pyjamas for the night. 

My favourite may not be yours and you have a great choice in either the Chinois Blue, made with 100% natural botanicals. This exotic, spicy and floral scented oil with hyacinth, honeysuckle, hints of ginger and blue tansy, gingerlily and pomegranate contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants, polyphenols and plant sterols all working to give the skin protection and glow. For me, this is a unique fragrant oil, quite opulent, rich and powdery, it reminds me of powder compacts from years ago with that rich, warm floral scent. 

Sicilian Rose is the final dry body oil option, inspired by the lemon scented roses of Sicily. This has a warmth, a strength to the overall scent of the oil, a hint of lemon and then the floral rose and geranium followed by the warmth of pink pepper, ho wood and a favourite of mine the vibrant verbena. This is a classy rose scented product, it has an unusual lift to the final resting fragrance on the body, not overly floral, it has an edge that you rarely find with rose scented items. 
Packed with ingredients offering the skin Omega 3,6,9, potent antioxidants and renewing properties this is bursting to nourish and uplift.  

As with any high quality made oil, this is superbly rich and a little really does go a long way, perfect for nourishing the skin during the colder months and a wonderful option for warmer times to give skin that subtle glow. 
A perfect addition to any bathroom, a gift to yourself and certainly the perfect offering for a birthday or a festive season gift.

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