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Skincare Sample Sunday

I have a bag full, a whole bag, full of samples that I have been sure would be needed for holidays, days ways, overnight visits etc. I think I would need to be away half the year to actually make a dent in the bottles, jars and tubes of wonder cream, ointments and gels. 
So each Sunday I will have picked one out of the bag and will use it for the week, or maybe longer if the force is strong!
I cheated already with this, as I picked Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Brilliance Facial Oil from the bag of plenty on Saturday evening, oops. 

This oil is lightweight but it has a richness about it on the application to the skin, it smells superb, a sweet edge with a hint of herbs that give it a warm aroma. 

My initial application was last night and my skin looked lovely, but oil does that and it is far too early to tell of any magic performed. I have adored the Moringa Cleansing Balm for years from Emma Hardie, so needless really to say, I have high hopes of this. 
Brimming with 9 essential oils, 5 plant oils that contain Omega 3 which aids the elasticity of the skin and moisturises. Camelina Oil has anti-oxidant properties that help the skin fight free radicals. 
A wonderful night time treat but one I plan to use under my daily moisturiser too, just to test it out fully. 

That's one sample down!

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