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Micheline Arcier - bathing beauties

Luxury, the word fits Micheline Arcier like a glove from the understated yet chic packaging to the glorious product experience. Newly launched this Autumn/Winter of 2016 is the Tonique range. 

No words can do justice to the glory that is this new energising range. Rosemary, Lemongrass and sage give a bright and uplifting start to the day or a refreshing, relaxing end. As much as I adore Autumn and the coming of Winter, the dark nights can feel all encompassing and it's a pleasure to use products that enliven the spirit and the senses. 

Although the bath crystals are a bathing must have I do like a handful just dusted over my body in the shower, not too roughly, but the scent and refreshing action just wake me up and I am ready to face the day. Great to pep up that circulation as does the whole range, such a great exfoliant for winter skin but a superb welcome when added to a bath.

To step into a bath with the Tonique Bath Oil fragrance wisping into the air is uplifting but also relaxing, there is something about Lemongrass & lavender that suits me, it refreshes my mind but helps me relax any tension I carry. A great choice to detoxify and aid circulation, using lavender, geranium, rosemary, sage, lemongrass, parsley seed, pepper and castor seed oil to carry it on its way. 
I find one full capful suffices in a large bath, such a beautifully concentrated product only needs a little to give you the full effect. 

Applying the body oil to my damp skin and I am revived and my skin is moisturised, it looks and feels silky without being tacky to the touch. The subtlety of the scent is enough without fragrance, you do catch a hint of the peppery undertone and the fresh herb. 
Rich in texture but not sticky, this absorbs leaving skin super smooth and hydrated, perfect during the colder weather, it certainly keeps skin super conditioned. 

Micheline Arcier has options for all needs from healing to relaxation, invigorating, uplifting, calming and tranquil, the full range can be found here. Your bathing experience is taken to another level, you'll never look back, well, only to see if you need to stock up with more from the brand. 

AVAILABLE FROM 31ST OCTOBER - no tricks just a real treat. 

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