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Sunday Samples - Merumaya Facial Oil

Merumaya always has me at the scent of their products, a sweet, citrus, warming aroma that uplifts me and makes me want to use more and more of the product and others too. 
With recent 4th birthday celebrations for the brand and a lovely GWP opportunity, I couldn't resist stocking up with two favourites and also receive a lovely gift with products I hadn't sampled. 

In the lovely gift an all singing, do everything oil lurked, I'm anyone's for a facial, body, multi-tasking oil, well, a book voucher could tempt me as well, but, oils are a huge love of mine. 
Only a tiny bottle, but, Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil by a couple of days I knew I would at some point 'need' to have this in my stash. Super rich, yet, lightweight, not greasy on the skin at all, I used it mainly on my face neat or mixed in with my moisturiser of choice and was totally absorbed by the product, I love it. 
Hidden within this tiny bottle was Kahai Oil which is more beneficial than Argan Oil, with 3 times more Retinol than Rosehip Oil (which is one of the very products I can react to). Blended with grapeseed, oat, jojoba for moisture, elasticity and brightening of the skin, this oily offering can be used on the face, the body as a scalp treatment, superb for very dry nail beds, lovely on feet, you name it this oil can be used. For me, it's texture and the smoothness and vibrancy it gives the skin on my face, I am cherishing the tiny amount left to only use there. 

My sample journey is quite a treat, little bottle and sachets of skin wonders, I delve into a rather overfilled makeup bag and take a lucky dip, join me next week to find out what was released from the depths of the sample bag. 

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