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Botanicals Hand Balm

My hands, my hair, moisturising my body are all on the list of body parts regularly neglected by me. It is a bad state of affairs when I have delicious products by the drawer full and yet, I allow them to gather dust until either guilt sets in or I start to resemble a dried up piece of meat, a lovely Italian cured ham, attractive! 
Botanicals had been a brand that has come to my rescue with their delightful range of products previously and this time it their Hand Balm in the stunning scent of Lemongrass and Mandarin. 

A nightly treat for my hands and the scent helps to relax me before sleep. I adore the concentrated aspect of the items, a little is all you need to get results and overnight my hands were certainly looking less wizened. Ideally,  I feel overnight it needs cotton gloves to really seal the product into the hands, rather than me occasionally wiping it on my sheets. I have found I use it more if I place this delicate little jar by my kitchen sink, it is perfect to just add a little to the hands throughout the day, rather than just once at night.  Also, it helped sustain the care, I am conscious that I garden and wash crockery without a glove in sight, my hands really show the neglect now and it doesn't take long. 

A wonderful 89% organic and containing shea butter, sunflower, jojoba, lemongrass seed oil with the addition of mandarin orange peel oil which coats the hands in a subtle layer of balm I liken to the consistency of a cleansing balm, heftier than a serum, not as gloopy as a thick cream, this absorbs quickly leaving my hands soft and smelling so zesty, it's such a clean smell and very uplifting. 
The beauty of Botanic Hand Balm is it smells great, the texture feels luxurious as you apply it, so, it makes me apply more frequently, thereby, curing my neglect issue. 
I have also found it nourishes the nail beds, without leaving a film over any nail polish and dulling the colour. 
A zesty, enriching balm, it gives first aid to my dry hands and the Lemongrass and Mandarin really lift my mood, a pot of perfection from Botanicals. 

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