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Sunday Samples - Ocean Mineral Gel Cleanser

Gel cleansers are generally a morning 'thing' for me, they clean and refresh the skin quickly and hopefully without that drying feeling. 
Kat Burki is a brand that is new to me and I decided to include her Ocean Mineral Gel Cleanser in my morning skincare routine.

This is a natural foaming cleanser, so, in theory, it shouldn't strip the skin. Containing 92 minerals, no, I didn't count them.

Used each morning this herb-scented gel was a refreshing cleanse for my morning skin, a small amount really works to clean the full face and although I began using a cloth to remove the product I soon found that rinsing the product away worked best and then I wiped my skin with a warm cloth. 
Beautifully cleaning, certainly no drying to the skin, this gel is enriched with vitamin c from grapefruit seed extract, orange peel tincture and rose hip oil (this formulation gave me no issues or reactions to the rose hip) aid to brighten skin, thereby improving texture and tone. 
This sample has far to go, I feel I've hardly used even half the tube, it's very economical. Certainly, Kat Burki is a brand I will investigate further, often using cold processed ingredients to ensure maximum results and effectiveness, this is one brand that needs attention. 

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