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Aquis Luxe Hair Towel - an absorbing topic

'I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair', you can't beat a good show tune to build up a product and Aquis Luxe Hair Towel is deserving of the jazz hands introduction. 

This super-absorbent towel has been developed to care for your hair at it's most vulnerable state, when wet. Letting hair dry naturally is the ideal but not for all, it is something I have done for many years, not because I am careful but I have no styling technique or ability when it comes to using tools and implements to create hair to be proud of. So drip drying is a way of life for me, I rely on my regular hand towel to absorb the worse, which is limited and I often have drips running down my back. 
So the Aquis towel was something I was thrilled to be sent. 

Made from a modern fabric, Aquitex and woven from ultra-fine fibres to create a lightweight material with super water absorbent capabilities that are also gentle on the hair, this reduces frizz and breakage, so, the proof of the towel is in the towelling, lets, wash and go. 

I am now thoroughly washed and my hair has been set to go for several days, with strict instructions that this towel is mine and only mine, not for sink wiping, rubbing of one's face, no, it's mine for my hair, so the love affair began. 
It's lightweight, there's more towel for your money, which my long locks appreciate, it wraps around my enormous head with ease and never moves until I remove it myself, no dropping of a towel as I am getting ready and have wet hair covering my face. 
10 Minutes later I was amazed at how much of the water had been absorbed into the towel, my hair wasn't dry but it also wasn't sopping wet. It was also sleeker, not as fluffy, my hair is static with a normal towel, this kept everything in place and cut my hair drying time in half. I don't use a hairdryer as I have said, so anything in the colder months that helps dry the follicles is most welcome. I continue to be hugely impressed, along with hair products, the condition of my hair is better and easier to manage.  Aquis is a great product and especially for anyone with long hair. Acquaint yourself with Aquis, your hair will thank you. 

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