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Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex - Back To The Future

Age Reversal is a subjective statement, as my Great Aunt in her wisdom states 'The only thing that stops ageing is death', morbid I know but said with a massive amount of sarcasm I kind of feel as she does. Reversing age takes surgery or a fast car (see title). 
Dermalogica is a brand that delivers no-nonsense skincare, it works and so I have respect for the brand and even more the products,  even if the name is a little questionable, eye complex had my hopes high and my brows hopefully higher. 

Dermalogica produces some of the best skincare I have used, they know what works and they present it in no-nonsense packaging. It's not there to look pretty, that's the job of the product. Retinol and dark circles are the two words that leap from the boxed eye complex as I speed read the information. I'm in, I love retinol and my dark circles are always under threat of eviction (as yet not accomplished). 

Ingredients are developed so as to optimise their potency and ultimate absorption into the skin, as in the case of Retinol and Niacinamide, both are formulated to a microencapsulated degree to aid in the smoothing and reducing of fine lines.

I loved the butter coloured textured of this cream, it melts into and around the eye area, a grain of rice sized product is plenty for both eyes. There is no discernable smell and it feels so smooth as you apply it. 
After a week, yes, I was counting, there was a change, maybe, only one I could see but it was there my left dark circle. Doris, let's call it Doris, well she'd thinned out a bit, looked less gloomy and around the edges. I complimented her on her appearance and we agreed to move forward and continue with this defiance we had rather embraced. 
It has been over a month now, my eye area remains hydrated, no dry patches that I often experience with eye products and my dark circles are lightened on both sides, nothing extensive but, slowly they have changed and the area of darkness is reducing. 
This is certainly a long-term product for me, I can see results happening before and under my very eyes. 

This one is a keeper for the peepers. 

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