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Makeup Revolution - duped again - in a good way!

Makeup Revolution is the Robin Hood of cosmetics, (not quite stealing from the rich to give to the poor) but, they magically re-create outlandishly priced items at affordable prices for all. 
Recently, I had a moment, an online incident, where items fell into my basket. Two are dupes to my knowledge and the third, well, it's pretty.

Bronze and Glow is a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury palette and honestly, I think it's better, far better. I find the powder smoother on the application, the finish is softer, the bronze tone warms without looking harsh. 

The highlighter is far softer in appearance and not as stark or as shimmery as the Tilbury one. I adore the chocolate bar packaging and it smells great. 

The next dupe is the 42g Banana luxury powder, this takes on the Ben Nye powder of a similar name and having used the expensive powder and loathed it - it wasn't that fine and sat on my skin, even with the lightest application. I didn't like the tone on my skin at all, either, I gave it away I was so unimpressed. 
Makeup Revolution have created a powder I expected the Ben Nye to be, it's soft in its finish, finely milled. A tiny amount mattifies the skin without looking caked or heavy. The tone is a soft yellow, and, as I normally prefer pink tones for my skin, this was a massive ask for me to like it, but, I love it. My t-zone looked better with it applied, it softened the glow but didn't flatten my expression. 
Superb value, the sieved lid ensures you don't powder overload, the lid is perfect to tap the powder into and then use a brush to apply from there. 

My third, how did that get in there, basket moment, is also packaged as the cutest bar of chocolate. Light and Glow, is pink perfection, with cream on the side. 
Both powders have a softness, they glide onto the face and the pink powder has a rainbow of tones, all delicate and super subtle. 

Makeup Revolution has produced three fabulously affordable products, with superb pay back that are far better than the items they are a dupe of. 

Buy them now!

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